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"HOPE" - Disabled People Families Association
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"HOPE" is the name of the Association of Disabled People Families located in Ruda Slaska. This totally volunteer enterprise integrates disabled people and their families. "HOPE" offers care and a wide range of support dedicated to people affected by a variety of disability level and categories.

The main goal of the Association focus on bringing hope for a better tomorrow, attract the patients with different kinds of activities like integration therapy and pro-social treatments. Simultaneously "HOPE" offers relief and support to the patients families by implementing a variety of welfare solutions including best treatment practices, exchange of experiences and other motivating projects.

"HOPE" is:

  • disabled person and family integration progress and support,

  • therapeutic and rehabilitation activities improving patient's daily life,

  • relief of a constant, daily care burden through the extension of patient's social skills,

  • enhancement of the sense of community with integration meetings and other social events,

  • development of acquaintances and friendships, good practice and experience exchange,

  • emotional support.

"HOPE" helps disabled people, supports them and brings sense of not being left alone. "HOPE" delivers positive feelings, optimism and friendship. It convinces and shows good proof of how the disabled people can be necessary and important in different aspects of social life.

"HOPE" Association of Ruda Slasaka gives you an example of sense and necessity to help people who need hope with a little support from their friends and relatives.

If you are interested in "HOPE" activities please contact the Association of Disabled People Families "HOPE":

Ruda Slaska 5 - Bykowina
ul. Gwarecka 2
tel. +48 32 248 60 01 or +48 508 659 122
e-mail: sron-nadzieja@o2.pl.



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